OM AEROTEK provides maintenance and servicing solutions for all types of specialized aircraft ground support and handling equipment (GSE / GHE).

We provide thoroughly researched market and support solutions for new procurement as well as tailored spare / repair solutions for your existing inventory.

If you are looking for hassle-free aircraft ground operations and a rich customer service experience, a healthy and modernized support fleet is inevitable.

OM AEROTEK provides state of the art ground handling and support equipment options to its customers comprising of a variety of automated equipment viz aircraft passenger ladders, cargo handling trolleys, aircraft support jacks, customized hydraulic & pneumatic rigs, servicing fixtures, ground power units, electric / hybrid vehicles and specialized fleet specific role handling equipment.

Our comprehensive coverage of the entire aviation value chain, across all major geographies and end-user markets, provides a unique perspective – one that is valued by both aerospace manufacturers and end users. We aim to imbibe an extraordinary experience in everything we deliver.