OM AEROTEK is an aviation-focused consultancy with an aim to ensure that we fully understand clients’ needs, and deliver to perfectly match the expected standards.

We organize an efficient supply chain and planning process and connect your organization with the best resources for all your parts and equipment needs.

Our consultants offer a unique global perspective combined with strong regional knowledge and access to a wealth of relationships that enhances our ability to serve our clients and capture opportunities around the world.

We work with both established aerospace players and new market entrants in commercial air transport – fixed and rotary wing, business and general aviation, and defense markets. Our independence allows us to offer them objective and insightful market intelligence about avionics, engines, aircraft structures, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems, and safety equipment accessories.

Our comprehensive coverage of the entire aviation value chain, across all major geographies and end-user markets, provides a unique perspective – one that is valued by both aerospace manufacturers and end users. We aim to imbibe an extraordinary experience in everything we deliver.
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